How To Make A Girl Chase You Through Text

by Andreas | Last Updated: August 31, 2019
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While in college or at a party do you remember this particular guy who every girl wanted to be with? He was probably tall, muscled, cocky, and had a great sense of humor. At the ladies, almost all conversations were about him. It’s like the world revolved around him. Girls did the chasing – not the other way round.

You, on the other hand, can’t simply comprehend why she has not replied to your texts a week later. If you want to make an impression on the girls and have them chasing you, then you need to follow some of the tips I have highlighted below.

1. Mask your desperation

desperate man not knowing what to do holding his head

This is a big turnoff for many ladies. The moment you send her the first text, she starts examining you. Many girls will avoid desperate guys like a plague. If you want to make an impression then you need to appear confident and secure.

Instead of bombarding her inbox with texts, lay low for a while.

Show her that you are worth chasing and that she needs to put some effort herself. When you are secure and not suffocating her space, you give an appearance of mystery and ladies will go after the chase in an attempt to uncover who you really are.

2. Create anticipation

If she is dying to see or talk to you then she will be the one doing the chasing. Instead of showering here with compliments all the time, do it alternatively. Avoid overburdening her with gifts all the time. Create an atmosphere of anticipation. Do random things. This keeps her off-balance as to what you will do next.

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3. Keep yourself busy

busy man talking on the phone in front of a computer

If she realizes that you are a busy person then it makes the little time you spend together very valuable. Have you noticed how many dates top executives get? The ladies have come to realize that the guy is very busy and she might get forgotten in all his schedules. So she sends the guy a text as a reminder that she still exists.

Keeping yourself busy also prevents you from appearing too desperate. Life cannot revolve around her. This will also include disappearing for some time. During this time, she will become desperate for any form of communication from you. Her face will light up whenever you resume texting her.

4. Make an emotional connection

emotional connection with the girl you like

This is the glue or “Holy Grail” of dating that will keep her chasing you for months. Women are emotional beings. The moment she gets the vibe that you understand her needs better than anyone else then she will not want to lose you to another girl. For you to make a connection you have to up your game in listening skills.

Become that person that she can confide in whenever life becomes hell. This will create emotional dependency and she will be the one doing the chasing.

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Having an emotional connection with you makes her vulnerable. It also signifies her trust in you. It will be tiring to start making that connection again with another guy. She would rather pursue you.

5. Ask intelligent questions

Be thoughtful of what you say when you are texting her. Do not appear dump by asking her stupid questions. Ladies love smart guys because it gives them a chance to pass on intelligent genes. Also, smartness adds to your intrigue – she cannot predict what you are going to say next.

6. Work on your humor and confidence

Humor is good as it keeps the conversation going. As you make your girl laugh you also lessen the tension and this makes her be more open with you. With time she will be looking forward to your next interaction so that she can bask in your humor. Confidence, cockiness, and humor go hand-in-hand but ensure you do not appear as rude or arrogant.

7. Do not spill all your beans

To keep the relationship going and interesting, do not reveal everything about yourself on the first date. If she wants to dig deeper, postpone it for the next meeting. This will create an illusion of mystery and anticipation, which will make the girl chase after you.

8. Stand out from the crowd

It doesn’t have to be expensive, but find something that makes you stand out from the crowd. It could be your dressing style, haircut, or cologne. It could also be a special skill that not many people have; something like playing the saxophone or surfing or even tone of voice.

The girl will come chasing after you because you have something that other guys do not have!

It is a general rule that things that are rare tend to have more value. For example, you won’t find a diamond by simply digging your backyard. The moment miners find a rare metal, demand rises, and this contributes to its high value. Make her a gourmet meal and she will come back for more.

Once you have her chasing you through constant messages, you need to take the relationship to the next level, otherwise, someone else will do this for you. After, hundreds of texts it will be time to take her out. I repeat, do not do this on a text. It comes off like you lack self-confidence. If a girl likes you, then she will want to spend more time with you. This means going out and having face-to-face conversations – not hiding behind texts.


It is usually baffling that some guy’s inbox is filled with texts from the most beautiful girls in the world. While for some, even getting a girl to reply to just one text is a herculean task. The problem lies with how girls view you. Do they consider you confident? or they consider you insecure, clingy, and needy.

If you are in the latter group then you are the one who will be doing the chasing. Firstly, work on your self-image and make yourself more attractive to girls. Demand often rises when a girl realizes that if she does not have you another girl will. Create an aura of mystery; be humorous and avoid over texting. If you follow, the tips we have described above, you will not have space for the number of texts in your inbox.

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