Magnetic Messaging Review (the best practical texting examples & tips to make the girl chase you?)

by Andreas | Last Updated: August 31, 2019
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Let’s admit it; not everyone’s texting game is on point. You might hit it off with a girl, and you get her number. Your friends give you a nod of approval.

However, when they ask you how things are going, how do you start explaining that she didn’t reply? Sometimes you can wonder what you said wrong.

You’ll keep checking your phone and re-reading what you sent. You might even be tempted to send a follow-up message, but you don’t want to look needy or stalker-type.

What do you do to avoid such a horrendous experience, wishing you’d gotten a response from this chick you hit it with? We can mostly agree that most guys have been through this.

For some, it happened once, and that was all forgotten. For another, it seems to be a recurring pattern. Now, Magnetic Messaging is a tool tailored to help people just like you if that’s your struggle.

Here we are going to look at what the things you are doing wrong to push girls away. Even though you manage to talk for a few days before they ghost you, there’s still evidence you need all the help you can get.

What is Magnetic Messaging?

Magnetic Messaging is a product by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge that teaches readers the art of attractive communication, specifically via phone. It is a guide with tons of tips and examples that will immediately help improve your texting game.

Bobby is a dating coach while Rob was the guinea pig for all the content in the book. He was trying out the advice on there for two years. Let’s look at the parts that make up the eBook.

The Principles of Phone Game

The dating process, as per the book, is made up of three stages:

  1. the initial meeting,
  2. the phone game
  3. and finally the date.

The place where a lot of men go wrong and fail horribly at is the phone game. That is where the book steps in, to teach men the art of attractive communication and how to make it part of your phone life with the girl (or girls) you’re chasing.

In the book, the authors use the pizza to explain the primary ingredients of the ultimate phone game: sparking emotion, making a connection, and handling logistics. The three principal components are put under what gets referred to as “The Key-Lock Sequence.”

You should apply it to get what you want and avoid getting sucked up into the friend zone. Its ingredients act as significant themes throughout the book.

There are other ingredients that they don’t advocate for which bring about ghosting in the first place. They include asking too many questions, small talk, explaining yourself, and just being plain polite. Don’t do the things the default you would do. That’s why you’re not getting responses in the first place.

With Magnetic Messaging, you get the tools you need to create exciting, engaging, humorous, and even flirtations messages that will have that girl make responding to you a priority — no more being ignored or having to wait hours for a response.

You Want to Date Her

New data shows that the best time to text a woman is two days after the initial meeting, not the three days that had been the standard for years. That’s thanks to Dating Metrics where women said they’d like to get a text back within 48 hours.

Anything after that, and they lose interest. The next day is even better. Following that information, the book suggests you shouldn’t send more than two messages without proposing that you meet up.

That is somewhat counterintuitive, especially if you haven’t established an emotional connection. The intention, however, is to let her know you’re interested in seeing her soon before going any further into the conversation.

In case she doesn’t respond or asks ‘who is this,’ there are messages that the eBook has to help you jump each hurdle that you come across when texting the girl you like. It also covers girls with low interest with you. How you hit it off with them is to remain playful but too persistent.

Here, persistence is not about being glued to your phone. It is in a space where, within yourself, you’ll be fine if she doesn’t respond. You have to ensure that’s the space you’re in to avoid sending a random needy text that will derail all your efforts.

Magnetic messaging helps you spice up your texting game to get the girl.

It is in continually being there and keeping things light that you’re able to spark interest, even if she gave you her number because she felt sorry for you.

Even if she’s ghosted you, Magnetic Messaging shows an example of a message that you can send after however long you have not talked for that will have you back under her radar.

That’s the thing about this book; it is peppered with examples that keep everything you’re reading as practical as possible. You’re not left to your interpretations where things of messing up are quite high.

“That was fun, but no thanks.”

There are girls that you have fun within the club or in a party context, but when it came time to text them, they were unresponsive. Worse still, things were dry.

How do you manage to talk to such a person to even set up a date with them? Bobby and Rob have a solution for you. They offer texts that you can copy word for word to get the chick into you.

There are a lot of men that confess they wish they had read about the tactic sooner. You can get a hot girl who was a bit buzzed, having given you her number. Unfortunately, the following day, she looks back and regrets giving you her number.

If anything, she wishes that you don’t text her. If you do, she has every intention of ignoring you. There are ways that you can change even the hearts of girls that are unsure about you.

What about you get them to respond and you want to set up a date? What if they are looking for every excuse known to man to avoid meeting up with you? Magnetic Messaging has you covered.

They have every reason possible covered and what you can say to get the chick agreeing because of how well you’ve torn apart her excuses. Women will generally agree when they feel that you’re serious and you have their ‘concerns’ covered.

How to keep her interested

Sure, you’ve gone on a date, but you’re in a space where you are kind of not sure where you stand. Here, the authors Bobby and Rob have a strategy that you can use to do things. The focus should be on making her more comfortable and feeling good about you as opposed to the logistics of where you’re going to meet up.

The thing is to build a connection so there won’t be awkwardness on the logistics of meeting her on a date. What will matter to her too is that she is meeting someone she has a connection with. Alright, you’ve had a great date, and you’ve had seχ.

Whatever you think you should text after, the better idea is to see what Magnetic Messaging has to say before you go ahead and text her. There are a lot of things that guys do wrong that you want to avoid.

What you need is to build trust and make her feel comfortable with the fact that she slept with you in the first place. You don’t want her thinking that you were only about seχ; otherwise, you might find yourself regressing in your messaging.

That said, you can also keep her interested by complimenting her the right way. You don’t want to sound like you are objectifying her either. You also don’t want to look like you’re a creep. The book shows you the sweet spot.

Women do like the humor, so the eBook shows you how to be funny without landing yourself into the entertaining friend zone. That said, you want her to know that you would want a repeat, so you get to know how to pull that off without being weird or awkward.

The dating phase

You’re now officially dating. You want to keep her interested, and also sexually into you. The last part of the book looks at how you can be more humorous, have more interesting conversations, and how to get her places with sexting.

The authors have ways to get you sexting without making things feel too much, mainly depending on the type of chick you’re dating. There is, however, also general advice that you can follow. That includes getting a girl to agree to a threesome and getting her to send those naughty pics that you like.

What to like about Magnetic Messaging

As with everything, it doesn’t help when you keep things abstract. With this book, you get texting case studies that help you truly understand what in the world is going on in a woman’s mind.

The other thing is that almost everything that happens in a text is covered, so you’re able to make headway whichever way the conversation with the girl goes.

Humor is essential in daily life, and that is one thing that you’re going to get with Magnetic Messaging. It helps keep things light, and that way you don’t feel like everything you’re about to do is out of a scene in Mission Impossible.

That type of vibe is going to translate into what you text. You are going to make things attractive by keeping them witty and free. That way, the girl you’re after doesn’t have to feel like she’s going through an exam.

The other thing that Bobby and Rob do is that they make sure that you don’t get tempted to fall back into old habits that will get you ghosted. They keep you in check because they are serious about getting you the results that you want from number to what your goal is.

The other thing about them is that should you get stuck, there is a reference of 99 messages that you can check out. That is way more than what you have up your sleeve that you can consult to ensure that you get things moving.

What could be better?

The issue with such content is that you cannot have all the advice you need in your life to hit the spot. Some people are so different that the information in the book would seem enough for the person who is dealing with a complex woman.

For that reason here are parts in the book where there is not much that has been said, and you have to figure it out. The other part that is somewhat lacking is that you’re not told how to maintain a relationship.

The book shows you how to get out of the door. However, in the remaining in the relationship, you’ll have to opt for other resources. That said, there are appears to lack chronology in some areas that the effort to do the same here has been made.

There is also the saucy part of sexting that hasn’t been exclusively captured. That is, however, understandable because when it comes to sexual conversations and situations, they are as unique as the woman you’re with.

One Secret of Magnetic Messaging is to Cram Your Text Full of Your Personality to Get Her Laughing or Giggling (And Associating Those Good Feelings to You)


Magnetic Messaging has a ton of tips and wise words that you can follow. For $47, you’re able to get some valuable advice that you did not have initially. Your texting game can drastically improve if you have a problem of getting a woman you’re into engaged with.

You’re also able to move past that and get a date and even sex. Should you want to move past that, you can take the principles you’ve learned and gone forward.

Overall, the women that you are talking to should be excited to meet you. Do note that there is no message that you can send to make a woman fall in love with you, and the book is clear about that. You just have to work your way up.

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