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How To Seduce A Girl By Text

Often, phone calls don’t just do it. Yes, it’s great to call up your girl after a date to make sure that they got home safe, but can we all agree that seduction via text, something we are calling ‘textual seduction’ takes things up a few notches. Texting makes a girl feel more than a […]

How To Make A Girl Chase You Through Text

While in college or at a party do you remember this particular guy who every girl wanted to be with? He was probably tall, muscled, cocky, and had a great sense of humor. At the ladies, almost all conversations were about him. It’s like the world revolved around him. Girls did the chasing – not […]

Seduce A Girl Via Text Message (the right way)

You met at a party and through raw courage – on your part – you managed to get her number. Now, you are apprehensive about how to take it to the next level. If she is the type of girl you would want to date, then everything has to be done right. Firstly, before you […]

How To Make A Girl OBSESSED With You Over Text

She was standing at a corner, chatting animatedly with her girlfriends. The first thing, you noticed about her was how she swayed her long golden hair. Her beauty mesmerized you. There was no way you were going home without her contacts. Trembling, you approached her table – where she was having a margarita. You ordered […]

How To Continue A Conversation With A Girl Over Text

Have you ever received a text from a person but cannot decipher what they are trying to say. Something like, “Hi, are you awake?”, then after a short, while it is followed by, “I am awake too”. The conversation is like chewing flavorless gum. It is normal to feel apprehensive after sending the girl you […]

Magnetic Messaging Review (the best practical texting examples & tips to make the girl chase you?)

Let’s admit it; not everyone’s texting game is on point. You might hit it off with a girl, and you get her number. Your friends give you a nod of approval. However, when they ask you how things are going, how do you start explaining that she didn’t reply? Sometimes you can wonder what you […]