The Ex-Factor Guide Review (will it help you get the girl you love back?)

by Andreas | Last Updated: August 31, 2019
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You want to get back your ex girlfriend, but you don’t know how to go about it. You’re here what you hope will be a fool-proof plan. Anything to remove the pain of the heartbreak is welcome, and your ultimate solution is getting the women you love back.

You don’t have to go through an emotional breakdown, because people like Brad Browning are here to instill some hope back into your life. You can take steps to get back what you want.

That is much better than picturing your ex with another man. Going down that rabbit hole is not worth it especially if there’s something you can do about it.

Brad Browning speaks for experience, having gone through some bad breakups as well. It is hard to find a man who hasn’t been through heartbreak, making it a universal problem any man can relate with.

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The good news is you don’t have to stay in that rut. There is what you can do to turn the tables around. It won’t require begging from your part. If anything, it’ll be the other way round. That’s what the Ex-factor Guide promises.

What’s more, things will not go back to how they are. Everything will be like the first time, getting back to the place you were in when you started the relationship.

That’s an assurance for most men because you don’t want to go back to the fights and issues that led to the breakup in the first place. You want to get back with the girl you were chasing and felt the thrill.

The hope that the Ex-Factor guide gives you is that 90 percent of all relationships can indeed be salvaged. Yours likely falls under that category, and you can have your ex coming back to you, apologizing for the breakup and will not take no for an answer.

Brad guarantees that to the point that if the product doesn’t work, you get a full refund. He proceeds to say that even though your girlfriend has moved on, says she doesn’t love you, and she’s already with someone else, there’s still a chance.

You can win her heart back and heal your broken heart with this guide.

Three realities

There are three facts that Brad highlights.

1. You’re not in the right frame of mind

feeling lonely and fragile

After a breakup, one is lonely, fragile, and worst of all, desperate. You just want her back! When you’re in that emotional space, anything you say and do will only make things worse.

Approaching your ex in this state is almost like putting the final nail in the coffin. Right now, convincing her that she needs you back in her life will be hard. To overcome this, Brad suggests some techniques you can use.

2. Acceptance is vital

You broke up. That means there was something wrong with your relationship in the first place. Do you want that back? Or so you want a new slate where the spark comes alive?

To move past the first headspace, it is vital that you accept that there is no more ‘going back to the way things were. You want your ex-girlfriend back, but you want a new relationship too. It will be void if the old baggage and overall healthy, not like the first (or whatever) time round.

3. Memory swap

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This next one is where the rubber meets the road. The third aspect to getting your ex back is replacing negative thoughts and memories of you with positive ones.

That’s where the magic happens. Here you’re required to tap into her subconscious feelings of you if you are to get that new, healthy relationship you’re seeking to understand.

It is there where you’re able to plant the seeds of romance, passion, and sexuality. The goal here is to ensure that she cannot imagine herself with someone else.

Who is Brad Browning anyway?

Brad Browning is a self-proclaimed ‘relationship geek.’ He’s worked with thousands of couples. That also includes thousands of men going through a breakup. His job is to fix broken relationships and build new ones that are filled with passion and genuine love.

It has taken quite a few years for Brad to test and perfect ways of helping 90 percent of all guys get back together. His greatest success he says is having managed to break down the female psychology down to the core. Brad knows what makes women tick.

In his work, this relationship geek has identified what vital buttons men ought to push to gain access to women’s hard-wired desires and feelings.

The success lies in pushing these buttons. You can learn what these buttons are through a step-by-step guide whose primary intention is healing broken relationships.

What else do I get out of the guide?

Brad’s guarantee is that he shares techniques that he’s used over the years on real men in real relationships. They are tested and perfected practical and proven methods that work.

One aspect to note is that your ex won’t see what’s coming. How can she when she has no idea that you’re trying to get back together with her in the first place?

Another technique that has worked consistently and that you can try is tapping into a woman’s primal instincts. The other method is firing up her sex drive and then molding the image of you that you want her to see in her mind.

How is that all possible? Brad states that he’ll teach men through his program how to get past (and with ease) through their ‘warning systems’.

She will be powerless to resist advances. The natural urge to say no to you won’t be there anymore. What about those friends telling her to stay away? The guide will show you how to ensure that she ignores any friends who are trying to get into the way of your plan to get back together.

Money-back guarantee

get your money back

What happens is that you sign up for the program, and you have two months to read the book from cover to cover. After you are to apply the techniques and strategies laid out. If by the end of reading the book and using what has been highlighted, things don’t work out, Brad offers to give you back a full refund.

There will be no questions asked. The hope is that by the end of the program, you should have your love stronger than ever before. You are also not meant to rush the process. You have two months to be able to apply the techniques that you read about.

The whole truth is that you are building a life with your ex, and some things are not meant to be rushed. This is one of them. That said, there are an audiobook, video lessons as well as two in-depth bonus manuals. They are all meant to get your girl back into your bed. They are simple and effective.

The current cost of the program is $47.00. The payments are made through Clickbank payment as that way; Brad is not able to see your credit card details.

That means that your purchase is secure thanks to the encryption technology. If you need a refund, you’re ready to use Clickbank still to process it if the program doesn’t work for you.

Does the program work?

We first have to acknowledge the fact that Brad talks about 90 percent of the relationship. The question would be; what about the other ten percent?

So the question of whether the program works begins with an ‘it depends.’ If you call in the other ten percent, then your chances of getting back together would be hopeless.

One would venture to guess that if you were an absolute tool to her, and she put out a restraining order against you, then this program is not for you.

One thing that does not get addressed in this program is what caused the rift in the first place. What it instead focuses on is how to conduct yourself and in an attractive way towards your ex.

You also have to understand that such a program is meant to attract the masses and is therefore somewhat a one size fits all program. There is the underlying concern that the book might not entirely address what went wrong in the first place.

That is covered by how Brad chooses to state that he is going to help you replace bad memories that your ex has of you with new ones. That loosely appears to translate to the fact that you’ll make new memories that make any bad ones seem to be from the distant past.

However, if that is to work, you cannot continue the behaviors that cause the rift in the first place. Otherwise, you’ll be back to square one, and you’ll be rereading the program with little hope of getting her back.

However, if you recently broke up with your ex, this might be the program for you. What it does is it shows you how NOT to behave after a breakup. Your nature is to be needy, perhaps beg her to come back, blow up her phone asking for forgiveness, etc.

Brad shows you how to go against your true nature, and here, quite honestly, is what you need. Follow it will only make things worse. Brad helps you overwrite your emotions and do what works.

What else is in the program?

man and woman sitting in the woods

There are a couple of lessons on how to make your ex feel jealous. The purpose is to get them to want to see you again and how to guarantee that happens.

Brad’s primary focus is getting your ex back into bed with you. That could present itself as a problem, especially if performance was what caused the rift in the first place. It’s important just to put that out there.

One thing to remember is that when reading the book, there are thousands of other men reading it too, and just like you, their situation is unique. When reading the book, you also have to do some thinking for yourself and tailor the advice to your situation.

For one man she left because he wasn’t making time for her, for another it was because her friends interfered a lot with the relationship. Even when these two guys read the book, they’ll come away with something completely different.

You can win her heart back & heal your broken heart with this guide. Watch the video below.

the ex factor review brad browning sneaky tactics to get your ex girlfriend back

Final verdict

You have to be smart in how you read and apply the teachings that Brad puts forward. Your heart also needs to be in the right place. If you aim just getting your ex back into bed, then you ought to consider other resources.

However, if you want to build something lasting that will make what you invested into the book worthwhile, then you ought to definitely consider picking up The Ex Factor Guide.

Individually, there is more work you’ll have to do on yourself before wanting your ex back. Sound advice would be to first asses why you want your ex back.

If she drove you crazy and what’s taking you back is the security and comfort of being in a relationship, then reconsider. However, if it something that you feel you can both work on and fix, then, by all means, apply what’s in the guide.

The point here is this; don’t just do everything blindly, put some thought into it if you’re to be part of the successful 90 percent.
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