Seduce A Girl Via Text Message (the right way)

by Andreas | Last Updated: August 31, 2019
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You met at a party and through raw courage – on your part – you managed to get her number. Now, you are apprehensive about how to take it to the next level. If she is the type of girl you would want to date, then everything has to be done right.

Firstly, before you start texting her, do not make the mistake of overthinking rejections that you take too long to text her. Girls hate it when this hot guy gets their attention and number and then takes days to make contact. It shows a lack of interest.

Also, do not hide behind texting. At some point, you will be required to pick up the phone and actually call her for a date. Sending a text won’t do. Part of intimacy is – her listening to your voice.

Let’s get started on the first text…

1. Introduce yourself

If you got her number from a friend or during a drink up, there is a probability that she might have forgotten who you are. The best move is to first re-introduce yourself, something like,
“Hi, I am Derrick. We met yesterday at John’s party. It was nice meeting you and would love to chat with you more.”

man looking through phone

Do not take forever to send the first text. Do it two or three days after the meeting. If she really liked you then you are still ingrained in her mind. If you take too long, there is a chance she has forgotten ever meeting you and has concluded you were a joker.

2. Capture her mind

We all love mystery stories because we do not know what will happen next. If you want to seduce a girl over text, then you have to create an aura of curiosity. Do not put too much detail in your texts. This leaves her mind wandering, which makes your pursuit interesting.

Leave her guessing as to your next move. If you want to take her out, do not reveal too much information as to what you intend to do. Keep her intrigued by your personality. This will lead to her wanting to know more about you. Keep her intrigued by your personality being mysterious.

3. Give her a flirty code name

Instead of starting all your texts with the same line, spice it up with a flirt text that goes like, “Hi, pretty lady with the awesome boots. I loved how bold your dress made you tower over the rest of the girls…” With this line, you make the lady feel wanted and special.

She also knows that this is not a friendship only relationship but it can turn into a romantic one. With time give her a cute nickname like, “hot neighbor” or “lady in shiny boots”. Nicknames are great as they pass the message that you have something special.

4. Text appropriate jokes

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There those sexist jokes you make with the boys during a night out that will not make the cut with a girl. Humor is a part of seduction, but do not overdo it. If you discover that she found one of your jokes offensive, do not repeat it. If you can make her laugh then you are going to be on her mind all day long.

5. Be vulnerable

Girls will let you pursue them because of how you make them feel. If you are giving her goose pimples every time you text her then she is going to open up more to you. Occasionally show her your emotional side.

This passes the message that she can trust you with her emotions. It also means that you have the capacity to be real and are not faking what you are texting. Once you make an emotional connection, then seducing her will be a breeze.

6. Be decent

This is not the time to be macho and send her nud _s. Respect her space and the right to privacy. Also, do not make the mistake of taking your seduction to another level by asking her for nud_s. This may lead to the end of your relationship. Avoid name-calling your ex-girlfriend – remember she is a woman too.

If you are going to be asking for photos – let it be of her face. Compliment her whenever she shares something private.

7. Be patient

When you are attracted to someone, you run the risk of over texting. This whereby, you do not give her breathing space to even reply to your text. If she is taking too long to reply, understand that she could be very busy. Over texting also shows that you are desperate – girls avoid desperate men.

man and woman on phones

8. Going for a date – call

At some point – especially when she is mellowing to your vibe – you will need to take the relationship to the next level. Texting is just one form of communication you also need physical contact. If a guy only texts but does not call, it passes the message that you are not confident of yourself. A girl needs to hear your voice occasionally. Do not text her for a date but instead call her and make plans.

So many books have been written on the art of seduction. It is a mystery that has puzzled many men for ages. Some men seem to have it all together while others struggle all through their lives. But, if there is one thing that differentiates the two – self-confidence. Needy and insecure men repulse women like the plague.

It has been the case that it is the man who pursues the lady. The man is required to evoke his charm, knowing that his not the only one doing so. Having the right texting strategy, makes you stand out in the game of seduction.

Texting is a great way to test the waters with a girl you like before you can take the relationship forward to dating. The one with the most creative, humorous and engaging texts wins the ladies’ heart.

Final thoughts

Texting has overtaken calling as the main form of communication. However, you need to be strategic when texting girls. Remember to text as soon as you get her phone number. Taking too long shows a lack of interest. Be confident, humorous and remember, “A faint heart never won a fair lady.”

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