How To Seduce A Girl By Text

by Andreas | Last Updated: September 14, 2019
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Often, phone calls don’t just do it. Yes, it’s great to call up your girl after a date to make sure that they got home safe, but can we all agree that seduction via text, something we are calling ‘textual seduction’ takes things up a few notches. Texting makes a girl feel more than a little buttered up; it’s the voice that tells her that you actually need and want her.

Besides keeping things sweet and warm, did you know that textual seduction could be the one thing that helps you overcome your confidence issues, without having to look and feel shy in front of her? 

So, whether you are unable to muster enough courage to seduce her or if you are looking for ways of keeping things hot and spicy, texting is the way to go.

We understand, however, that for most of us texting is not always easy or rather, we don’t have the right words and even when we do, we might not know how to communicate our intentions too well. So, how about we end some texting blunders today. You no longer want your text to be misconstrued, and even more importantly is the fact that you don’t want to annoy her.

That said, here are some of the tips and tricks on texting and seduction. These tips promise to warm things up for you and even take things to the next level easily.

Tips for Seducing a girl by text

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#1. Go the Super-cute Text Way

There’s no other way. If you want to seduce a girl and win, while putting in as little effort as possible, you’d want to be all cute and nice. Girls might not say it often, but they like cute little messages. 

Confused? Well, just shoot her a text telling her how much you’ve missed her and how you miss holding her, etc. You get the drift. Such texts might not seem like much; we guarantee you that they’ll warm her up from the inside out. 

So, if you want that girl to stay interested and want you more, send those butterfly texts.

#2. Don’t Forget Your Manners

Table Manners

First impressions matter, always. And you don’t want to come off as a rude or an arrogant person if you want that girl actually to fall head over heels in love.

Therefore, regardless of the passion burning intensely inside you and how much you cannot wait to see her again, start off slow with texts, read, re-read, and edit the text before you hit send. One thing most of us ignore is the fact that ladies (and few men) can tell the mood and attitude of a sender from the words used, especially if you’ve been texting for some time.

Even as you try to seduce her in the best way you know-how, you need to maintain a level of decency. On a serious note, though, you really need to watch your language and attitude even if things are not sailing as smoothly as you’d like.

#3. Laughter and Jokes in Moderation, Please

Girls love it when you can make them laugh, but even if you have the best jokes, you need to keep a lid on it. Keep things a funny and positive time and again, but don’t go too far because those jokes will backfire on you. 

What we mean is that if your jokes can give a girl that good (and sincere) belly laugh, then you are a winner. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be insensitive in your jokes either.

#4. Nicknames Win

There’s something quite seductive about having nicknames for each other, but particularly for her. So, first, think of a nickname that suits her personality well, and ensure that the selected nickname knocks her off her mind and make her feel nice and warm before you use it.

Special names/ nicknames like boo, babe, and cupcake will instantly create an important emotional virtual connection with her. Since everyone calls her by her given name, a nickname makes her feel extra special, and she will know that she actually matters. But don’t be cocky.

#5. Open Up, Be Vulnerable

It might not be your thing, but ladies connect well and better with their partners when they know about their deepest fears and insecurities. Opening up creates a high level of trust, and it bridges one of those invisible bridges you might have. 

Even though you might find yourself opening up just because you needed to talk to and you find this girl easy to talk to and trustworthy to share your deepest secrets with, this kind of vulnerability goes a long way in enhancing your intimacy.

What we are saying is that sometimes your intentions to seduce a girl do not matter, as long as you are true to yourself and your feelings. Just be real. 

Also, you might not be ready to face this yet, but a girl can sniff faking miles away. Therefore, if you can actually let her in just a bit successfully, you will not struggle to seduce her.  

#6. Add More Descriptors About Your Surrounding

While remaining ultra-liberal, you might want to let loose a bit and try using your imagination to think of her house/ room, as well as what she could be wearing, but don’t go off too much. Being imaginative is great, and it gives you an edge in your conversations.

#7. Please, Don’t Send Her Pics of your Manhood.

Just don’t. Actually, you should NEVER text her photos of your d*ck. And if you do, know that you are on the ultimate road to seduction failure. Her seeing the size of your penis will only put her off and not sway her into your arms, as you expect. 

While sharing that picture months into the relationship might be fine and actually essential in keeping the sparks flying, it’s more like playing the Russian Roulette if you are only getting to know each other. So, as you learn more about each other, you should know the boundaries you can and cannot cross.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t request your girl for their private photos. Be the gentleman you are and use your imagination (again). 

If she sends you her photos without your asking or cueing, then that’s fine. Otherwise, asking for those photos is the most dangerous game you will do. 

#8. Ask her (Nicely) to Keep the Phone on Vibration

First off, keep your mind off the gutter!

Now that we are on the same page, here’s some advice: ask your girl always to keep her phone on vibration because you will text her. Doing this is quite likely to keep her mind wandering, and she will know that your messages are quite special.

The catch, however, is that this strategy only works when your girl doesn’t have her phone on vibrate all the time. If this is the case, then you might want to recommend a different sound setting.

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Wrap Up

Finally, don’t be impatient. If you cannot be patient to understand the girl you are into, then it makes no sense for you to keep trying to win her. Also, don’t text her too much and when you are texting, give her your undivided attention.

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