How Τo Make Your Girlfriend Chase You Again

by Andreas | Last Updated: September 14, 2019
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It’s always been about men chasing women. Men showering their girlfriends with lots of love and attention and doing everything (and anything) possible to keep the ladies happy. Why then do things fall apart later? Why do you end up feeling like the biggest loser, having given the relationship everything? Where does the spark disappear to?

Today, we look at how to change things and make you the superior man. Superior men, in our view, are charming but they have their way, and women chase after them? If you feel that your girlfriend is no longer putting in as much effort as she used to, this is for you.

Instead of giving your girlfriend the chase and doing everything possible (and unnecessary) to make the thing work, this article will teach you how to turn the tables for the good of your relationship. The best part is that a lot of good comes from letting women chase you.

But first, there are two things you should know

If a woman has to chase after you, then it means that she finds you attractive. Secondly, women will only chase after confident, high-value men. By high-value, we mean men capable of making all around them comfortable and happy.

It also means being the man who values themselves. Once you nail these, then you will have your girlfriend chasing after you, especially if things get gloomy and on the downward spiral in your relationship. Here are some of the things you might want to do to kick-start the chase:

#1. Say No

Tree Trunk Engraved Just Say No

We are brought up and molded by society to believe that women must get their way around us. And they do. Attractive women get their way around men all the time. But it’s time you changed things around. 

If she asks for something and granting that request means going out of your way or inconveniencing yourself, then say no. If she asks to spend time with you when you are in the middle of a personal project, say no politely. For someone who’s used to getting things their way around you, not granting them their wishes can be quite daunting, but intriguing. 

How does this turn the table? Won’t she get furious? Won’t it start another fight?

Obviously, you are worried about what will happen if you say no but don’t you see that you are becoming less and less desirable when you fail to stick to your guns by sacrificing your time, needs, desires, wants, and even passions; just to make your girlfriend happy. With time, you will be disrespected and walked over.  

In as much as women like men to be there for them, more than anything, they adore men who stand their ground, follow their passions, and chase after their dreams. Follow your purpose and love your girlfriend but don’t put her before your passion or purpose.

As the author David Deida put it, you weaken yourself when you prioritize your relationship over your highest and most important purpose. So, don’t let go of your dreams for a woman.

That said, if she really loves you, she’ll start chasing after you. If there’s something women love and drool over, it’s a man who knows his purpose, goes after and lives their true passions. She will even go out of her way to support your purpose.

So, be ready to say no and to be knocked off the course a few times, but also know that she will support and cheer you on if you say no but go after your dreams and win. But how do you say no to the love of your life? Well, apply these simple, subtle techniques:

  • No, That’s all you get for now
  • No calling me 10 times today
  • We can do coffee but only for an hour, then I’ll need to go
  • My place, dinner, No sex.

#2. Make it known that YOU come first, always

You come first. You must know this, and everyone in your life needs to know it too. In fact, we should all make it a rule and a lifestyle, don’t you think so?

But it’s easier said than done which is why you might want to have your house in order before you go deeper into the dating world. How?

  • Make your career and work a priority – maintain a good work ethic. 
  • Create time for your interests, passions, and hobbies
  • Stop having and creating time for everyone else while forgetting or overlooking your needs, desires, and passions.

A guy who knows what she wants and goes after his dreams is quite attractive, and your girlfriend will always chase after you. Keep in mind that these subtle messages tie back to your valuing yourself and your time.

#3. Look Good

Handsome Young Model

Dress well, smell delicious, and take care of that body. No one said that you need to start ignoring your body once you fall in love. 

Ladies love it when their man is the sexiest man in the room; it’s great knowing that their man takes care of their body well. So, grooming is necessary. Work out and maintain that devilishly beautiful body. It’s worth it. And it also keeps interesting under the sheets.

When you look good and feel good, your confidence levels and self-esteem also shoot over the roof; there’s nothing your girlfriend won’t do to make you fall in love with them all over again. 

Simple Good grooming tips: Get a clean-cut, apply deodorant, wear clean ironed clothes, dress stylishly, and make sure that you always smell good.

#4. Walk Away

Man Walking Away

We are not saying that all relationships are bad and that you should walk away just to have that girl chasing after you, but if your girlfriend no longer feels like home or if they are no supporting your dreams and purpose, then it’s alright to walk away. 

Of course, you might have to have a sit down with them to talk over everything, but if things don’t change, then you should walk away.

With many of our friends walking around and leading sad lives because of toxic partners, the best thing that we can do is to show that it’s actually okay to walk away. Walking away from some situations shows that you value yourself greatly.

#5. Finally, be confident and non-threatened by other guys

Nothing turns women off more than a guy who’s threatened by other men around them. They might have their affairs in order or better-looking than you, but if you are confident, that girl will always chase after you. 

Keep in mind that girls like testing their men to see how well their character/ personality will hold up in different situations. Even if she’s always mentioning this one guy at work, don’t flip – show her that you are confident and that you trust her judgment, behavior, and also that you aren’t needy.

At the end of the day, you becoming a prince charming that she can’t ever let go is all about being a confident chap. Meet Your Sweet shares everything you need to know about the mastery of self-confidence.  

Andreas, the founder of CharmingMale, is an enthusiast of becoming a "charming guy" without becoming someone else. He has been an average skinny dude most of his life, yet after years of hustle, disappointments, he become a better male version of himself. He discovered that, even if you are an average guy, as long as you are willing to put in some effort of improving yourself and developing the skills, you can become a better man that people will respect and admire!