How To Be More Attractive To Your Girlfriend

by Andreas | Last Updated: August 31, 2019
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Have you noticed that at any social gathering there is these guy who seems to get his way with ladies while others are simply be ignored? This guy no matter the location will always create an aura of curiosity from the ladies. Ladies will be giggling at his jokes and trying to win his attention.

If you are the other guy who gets ignored, you are probably wondering, “how do I become attractive to my girlfriend?” The need to be loved is a need that all humans crave. This article offers you some crucial tips that will help you rise to the challenge.

1. Your Dressing Style

If you are going to score some points with your girlfriend then you need to ditch those old t-shirts and baggy jeans. It’s the 21st century and very few ladies still find sagging pants attractive – unless you are planning on being a gangster rapper. Find clothes that accentuate your personality as someone who is serious about their appearance.

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What may work for someone else may not work for you. Your clothes should fit you well. Dress appropriately in accordance with the occasion. If you are taking her out for dinner, then a tuxedo or formal wear will work fine.

2. Have Personal Long-Term Goals

Ladies want to be with a man who knows where they are going. Nothing does this best like defining your short and long term goals. Your girlfriend would like to listen to your game plan in regards to work, marriage, and other personal goals.

If she notices that you are performing well in taking care of yourself then she is sure that you can handle her and the babies.

3. Personal Hygiene

It is not only women who need to smell nice, but guys also need it to. Personal hygiene begins with taking a shower daily. Stinking guys are very unattractive. While at it get yourself a haircut and invest in a good cologne. Have some peppermint while talking or kissing. And those toenails – keep them a shot.

4. Cook For Her

It is human nature to eat. Once in a while instead of taking your girlfriend out for burgers, make her a homemade meal. Prepare the table, have some scented candles, and spoil her with her favorite wine. Keep your eyes focused on her and ensure that your phone notifications are off.

5. Focus On Her While Talking

We live in a generation of instant communication. Many people cannot set aside their smartphones for even five minutes. Smartphones are a source of many distractions. When talking to your girlfriend ensure that you turn off notifications and give her all your attention. Focus on what she is saying and let it not seem like you are in a hurry to end the conversation.

6. Let Her Know You Are Thinking About Her

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Even if you are super busy it is always nice to send your girlfriend a text that tells her how much you miss her or are thinking about her. This helps keep intimacy alive and builds anticipation for your next meeting.

You can go the extra mile and probably send her some flowers or chocolate. Constantly texting her makes her feel wanted and makes you more attractive. In addition, try as much to fix her within your schedule. You can call her over lunch and have a quick snack by the pack with her.

7. Seek Her Opinion

No one wants to be ignored – especially your girlfriend. If you want to be attractive to her, seek her opinion on a variety of matters. This not only passes the message that you value her opinions, but it also keeps the communication line flowing.

You will not experience a lack of conversations. Asking her opinion also helps you know her better. This will come in handy when you are selecting a gift for her. This also does not mean you have to agree on everything. Settle to disagree amicably on certain issues.

8. Honest Compliments

Your girlfriend will never tire of compliments. If her hair looks nice then say so. Compliment her looks, dress, personality, and almost any other thing that you like about her. Compliments should be honest, not empty flattery.

9. Buy Her Random Gifts

It’s true that women love gifts – your girlfriend is no exception. Go out of your way to identify creative gifts that are personalized. This will include buying her a watch with her name on it or sending her a card laden with romantic poetic words. The more creative you are with the gift the more attractive you become to her.

10. Get To Know Her Family And Friends

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Her family and friends play a vital role in how she perceives you. In this regard, try making friends with some of her siblings or parents. Their approval of you means she made the right choice in you becoming her boyfriend. Her friends will also help put a good word to her and this scores you more points. However, be careful you do not appear as manipulative or too pushy.

11. High Confidence Levels

We saved the best for last. You can achieve little in the dating scene without confidence. Ladies are repulsed by needy and insecure guys. Confidence shows that you can protect her and her offsprings.

Confidence isn’t something you are born with, you learn it over time. You will also need confidence when seeking a job or making sales. In this regard, you need the best confidence training guide to succeed at seducing her. When this is done, you can wear your confidence like a suit and be assured that you are the most attractive guy in the room. Confidence guys are not cocky as they have nothing to prove.


The reason you are missing dates is that many girls do not find you attractive. If you observe the alpha male in any scenario – whether at the office or at a club – you will notice that these guys are often good looking. They take the time to dress well, have this memorable cologne and their self-confidence is from here to the moon.

However, you can become this kind of guy with the right strategy. Your girlfriend will find you irresistible and she will become glued to you as she does not want to share you with anyone else.

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