How To Continue A Conversation With A Girl Over Text

by Andreas | Last Updated: August 31, 2019
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Have you ever received a text from a person but cannot decipher what they are trying to say. Something like, “Hi, are you awake?”, then after a short, while it is followed by, “I am awake too”. The conversation is like chewing flavorless gum.

It is normal to feel apprehensive after sending the girl you like a text. Part of the anxiety is whether she will respond to your advances or ignore you. Even the most fluent communicators struggled at some point and you can overcome the tension.

If you want the conversation with your dream girl to flow then you have to arouse her curiosity and keep the conversation flowing.

Ask questions that require feedback

If you are only going to ask her whether she is tired or asleep then she will most likely respond with a short Yes or No. however, if you ask an open-ended question that requires details she will be forced to take the time to type a response.

Questions to ask would include, “Hi, where would you like to spend summer or vacation during Christmas?” You can also prod your potential date to reveal more about herself. This will keep your conversation going, fun and interesting.

Sending appropriate jokes

Humor is an ice-breaker if used well. Do not send crude or sexist jokes. For the joke to be appropriate you need to know more about a person. In today’s technological world you can make good use of memes or GIF. Find one that is not a cliché – meaning she has probably seen it somewhere. If you realize that there is something funny or interesting she shared on her social media pages, you can compliment or mention it.

Learn to relax

It is understandable that your heart is running faster than an F1 car, but you need to relax and just be yourself to keep the conversation flowing. It is true that when you are nervous you tend to say stupid or desperate things.

After sending her a text, keep your phone away and find things that will distract you from always thinking about the reply. Confident guys have better chances with the ladies than those who appear needy.

Remind her of previous conversations

To keep your conversations interesting and keep her engaged, make an effort of reminding her of past conversations. If she told you how irritating a certain employee was at the workplace, create interest by asking how it went. This also shows that you value whatever she says and respect her.

Texting your favorite topics

To help you relax and keep the conversation going text the other person on topics you find interesting. These are things you are familiar with meaning you cannot run out of what to say. Let’s say you like watching the “discovery channel”, text her on your best shows and what stood out.

She may respond with something like, “that is so interesting, tell me more”. However, ensure that she also likes the topics you are into otherwise, you may come up as boring. If she is not into science, then telling her about metaphysics will totally bore her.

Avoid multi-texting

It is irritating receiving numerous texts from the same person in a row. It does not give you breathing space to even craft a response. This is especially the case if the guy is needy and insecure. If you fail to respond to any of their texts they become personal. When texting, give the other person room to reply.

At times, the other party could be busy and even though they had every intention of replying to your texts, you irritated by sending too many all at once. The moment you realize that she is not replying to your texts then it is time to jump ship. Relationships are a two-way street involving the input of both parties.

Call instead of texting for long conversations

Instead of texting long messages take the initiative and call her instead. The girl you are courting would love to hear your voice – especially if she is into you. While texting allows you to flirt, calling enables you to have intimate conversations.

We live in a world that has a preference for instant messaging, but calls show you care – especially when you are calling to find out how her day was.

Learn to listen

Humans are well versed with the art of talking but listening is foreign to most people. The problem is that we tend to listen with the intention to respond. This means we miss out on what a person is really saying. As a guy, you have to learn that most of the communication between a man and a woman is non-verbal.

Women will speak a lot through their eyes. What do I mean? You need to be extra careful to learn her body language. She may be saying something that is very different from her body language. If the girl focuses her eyes on you and gently touches your hand when talking then know she is feeling your vibe.

She will also sway her hair to the right or left and expose her neck meaning that she would not mind you kissing her. If you are going to keep your conversation going, then you need to be aware of subtle body expressions. You can also detect whether she is happy or not by her tone when responding to texts.

For you to make a girl become obsessed with you, make her your confidant.

Listen to her expressions her disappointment with work or annoying girlfriends who borrow clothes and forget to return them. When she notices that she has a shoulder to cry on, then she will evaluate the relationship as worth keeping.


In the 19th century, courting was a bit complicated. For one, the modes of communication were very slow. You first had to write a letter, then look for a pigeon to deliver the letter to the love of your life. Complications arose when the pigeon was shot or a ship sank with love letters waiting to be delivered.

Texts have simplified how we communicate. But, this does not mean that text alone will win over a girl. You need a strategy to keep the conversation going. Above all, you need to boost your confidence levels.

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