Raw Chemistry Pheromone Review

by Andreas | Last Updated: August 31, 2019
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Here we have premier cologne for men. The brand considers it high-end, exclusive, and luxury. The packaging itself is also executive. One can say that the cologne defines the modern man since it is masculine yet subtle.

It is a product made in the USA and has notes of Italian woods and citrus. The reason for that is to musk the strong smell of pheromones but also keeping the concentrate potent.

The man this cologne is made for is the modern man who is classy and wears business and executive wear. It is however strong enough to be worn at night.

Raw Chemistry is silky smooth and equally has a moisturizing blend that gives the scent a lasting effect. It additionally makes it suitable for sensitive skin.

The products are alcohol-free and use a propriety blend of natural oils that are meant to protect the skin. On top of that, it allows for a long-lasting scent that you can go about your day and still smell phenomenal at night.

The scent itself ranks highly in reviews. Both men and their female counterparts agree that Raw Chemistry smells remarkably nice. It is a bit on the strong side, so avoid being overly generous when spraying it.

One spray to the neck is enough. You can then use the residue left of the bottle nozzle on your wrist. You don’t want it to be too overwhelming as that can be a put off to yourself and others around you.

Attracting females with Raw Chemistry Pheromone

In marketing, the intention of the cologne is to attract women to men who are wearing it. Every woman does love a man who smells good. Such men get more laughs, longer conversations, and more smiles.

There are also light brushes and bumps. Basically, a woman will do anything to stay around you just so that they can breathe in your cologne. Smelling fantastic by itself has proven to be a female magnet.

That is not to say that Raw Chemistry Pheromone cologne is a magic potion. It helps if you have an outgoing personality and you’re generally kind by nature. If you’re in the office and you the average guy aka no one has a problem with you, then cologne that smells exquisite can get your attention.

From there, your personality gets you that number, date, and life that you want.

The reality is that people assume that purchasing the cologne will magically change their lives. It is why you’ll find the odd one-star review with someone saying Raw Chemistry Pheromone did not even help attract a fly.

You can’t have a plain personality and expect to get the women. The small gets you to the door, but your personality keeps you inside.

It’s not just the personality that women look at but the grooming. Looking like a backpacker that hasn’t had a shave in years and wearing this cologne will not get you far. If you’re with your other friends, the ladies will be convinced that you borrowed the cologne for the night out.

You want to look as classic and executive as the scent if you’re to sell the look. It might require turning a new leaf in your look and your style.

Looking for the best places to buy quality Pheromones for Men?

If you were using cologne that never got your compliments, make the switch to Raw Chemistry Pheromone to try out how it goes. You can do a Day One experiment to see if you get the desired results. You’ll have to be attentive to this one.

If you make more heads turn, that is a sign that the cologne is working. If you’re getting more small talk with co-workers, especially females, then you’re better off making a purchase for another bottle, so you don’t run out.

That is not to say that there are no other brands that have a similar effect. The review here is Raw Chemistry Pheromone, and it can get you the female reaction that you’re looking for.

Whether it is for your wife that you want to drive crazy or to get a hookup in the bar or the club, then you’re going to do well.

The chemistry behind it

As stated, this cologne is here to get you the right reaction from females. According to the brand, it is specifically designed to target a woman’s attracting receptors in her brain.

That is incredibly specific and would make sense why there are men coming back and saying that it made a difference in their lives, either with their significant others or people they wanted to attract.

What is being said is that women become touchy and don’t want to leave your presence. Even your female friends will notice and begin to linger. If you first use the cologne and you notice women around you are acting totally different, don’t be startled.

It is the pheromones working their magic. If you want to make the most out of it, observe their behavior, pick up their cues, and go for it. A quick dive into Wikipedia tells us that pheromones are a secreted or excreted chemical that triggers social responses in people of the same species.

These chemicals are capable of acting like hormones when they are outside the body of the person going the secreting and impact the behavior of the people around them.

With the advancement of technology in scent making, it is hardly surprising that this product is in the market. Pheromones can be airborne, that is why they are in Raw Chemistry. Its purpose is to spark the need for the other person to want to mate and be close to you for other reasons.

The same gets passed on when people touch or when they kiss. Since they are capable of acting like hormones, they act as chemical messengers that trigger the release of sex hormones.

It is why your wife will not leave you alone, and you’ll have a fantastic night. It is also why you’ll get a couple of numbers in one might and eventually take a woman home.

What’s in Raw Chemistry?

In the cologne, the active compounds listed are:

  • Androstadienone: Causes pheromone-like behaviors in humans. It produces a “feel-good’ effect that overall enhances social desirability.
  • Androstenol: It is a combination of neurosteroids that alters neural excitability and steroidal pheromone, which gives a musk-like scent. Androstenol also has antidepressant properties, so the person around the wearer of the cologne feels upbeat
  • Androstenone: here we have the first mammalian pheromone to get discovered. It also increases sexual drive during ovulation.
  • Androsterone: It is a mild pheromone but combined with the others, it has the capability of altering social behaviors. Combined, that brings a mixture of ingredients that will make women find it hard to resist.

You can put it in places where you know she’s likely to smell it. If you’re out and about, then the neck makes the most sense because you’ll be hugging people.

The other is the chest if you want to cuddle her tonight. If you’re looking to get lucky, then a drop-down there will have her taking her time.

The realities of the cologne

With the good, there is the bad. Not everyone does have the same experience with this cologne. For starters, not everyone appreciates the oil and moisturizing factors.

The cologne should go on your skin, but if you spritz it elsewhere, there will be a stain. You, therefore, have to ensure that you get the spray on your skin. The best time to do it is right after a shower before you get dressed.

The other thing is that marketing has somewhat distorted the reality of what the cologne can do. There is sound science that backs up pheromones, but you have to be realistic as well. As mentioned, it is not a magic potion.

Not everyone will like it, and women won’t turn on the street and start following you. For men who purchase this product expecting a miracle turnaround in their sex life or general relationships, they are in for a rude shock.

One also has to key in the confidence factor. If you know you smell great and irresistible, your demeanor will be different. You will have more confidence, and you too will carry on conversations to have women in your presence longer.

It brings confidence, and things, like flirting or being humorous, become easy because you feel that the odds are in your favor. It is then not all about putting on some spray and expecting to get laid. There is more to it.

It is also about how it makes you feel like a man. If you’re keen, you’ll notice the subtle changes in you. If you wear cologne to the gym, you’ll not second guess the glances that you get from women. You won’t think they are secretly comparing you. You’ll know that it’s because you smell fantastic.

The deal you get

That said this 15ml concentrate is indeed a blend of human sex pheromones. Their impact is to increase desirability from heterosexual females. It is designed to last 24 hours after application. Before diffusion, it has a slightly oily feel.

Compared to some other brands with the same potency, here you have a product that is priced right for what it does. That, however, doesn’t stop fans of the product from hoping for a price reduction.

The packaging is sleek; an indication that you are purchasing a quality product. Overall, the product itself has the right amount of pheromones that it doesn’t overwhelm the wearer and those around them. In the formula, they have made the right balance between getting the scent out and having the pheromones take their effect.

There are some brands that haven’t quite gotten it. Their pheromone quantities are either too high to the point it repels heterosexual women.

The other one is that the scent is too strong that it still repels people and doesn’t give the pheromones a chance to kick in. So here we have a brand that has found the balance.


Not all products are perfect, but Raw Chemistry Pheromones comes close. Sure there are incidences where there are factory issues.

That is when you get a nozzle that is not working, or it breaks, or something happens during shipping and the bottle leaks. It is not indeed uncommon for that to happen, but by itself, it brings about warranted grievances. Such issues aside the cologne score highly on our list.

You’re able to get the confidence you need to be the man you desire. Changing your behavior is almost inevitable when the new attention kicks in.

If you want to retain relationships, you cannot just depend on the cologne. However, it is a fantastic start if you want to get back into the dating game with a bang or if you want to return the spark that was there between your partner and yourself.

We have to trust the science that went into finding the right balance of pheromones to the point that it alters the behavior of women. So when you do finally get the attention, don’t be too startled.

If you’re using it for the first time, put yourself in the mind frame of what is to come and be prepared. Being clumsy and confused is cute at first, but women desire to have a man who is confident in his ways. If you’re using Raw Chemistry Pheromones, own everything that comes with it.

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