Best Place To Buy Pheromones (that attract women/girls like crazy)

by Andreas | Last Updated: August 31, 2019
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What are pheromones?

These are potent hormones produced within the body and affect the opposite seχ. In a perfume or cologne, they are meant to attract men or women you come into contact with. They are the go-to a hormone when you want to score more dates or get the person you’re with to be crazy about you again and all the time.

If we produce pheromones naturally, why do you have to purchase them in a bottle? The reality is that we don’t produce enough to get detected by those around us. When you apply a store-bought pheromone, you’re enhancing that you already have. Everyone has a natural scent, so combined you’re able to form your unique signature. Pheromones are not just about attraction.

They do more than that. It includes creating feelings of trust, openness, trust, and a desire to be around you. Essentially, you become the center of attraction. That can be the case when you’re alone or when you’re with others in the room. Your partner can gain a singular focus on you. The females at a bar will want to talk to you a bit longer, paying you all the attention.

Don’t get scammed

Pheromones carry with them many promises of attraction. That is why there are people who want to scam people into getting products that don’t work. Therefore, you don’t want to believe all the hype that you read about a product.

Look beyond the marketing into the type of company they are. Also, look at the research they claim to have to support their formula. You also want to get products from a brand that has 100 percent guarantees. It shouldn’t just be in theory, but from the reviews, you should be able to learn that they do give refunds.

You want that assurance should the product not work for you. A company that can back up their claims and sticks to them is one you want to make a pheromone purchase from.

Value for money

That said you also want to feel that you’re getting returns on your investment. The results should be visible to you. It should also match what you’ve paid for the product. You don’t want to spend tons of money and only score a date from the one woman who happened to like your cologne. It is why it’s essential to read reviews and feedback from other men. Was what they spent worth what they got back in return?

Types of pheromones

There are three different types of pheromones that you can purchase.


These are straightforward, easy to apply, and they smell fantastic. You can get those that come with scents or those that come without. For such, you’re free to stray on top of your favorite perfume. You’ll still smell the same, but people won’t know what hit them.

Here are some of our favorite scents for attracting women.


With these, you’ll have to be careful with the application. You cannot use them as spray and not expect your clothes to stain. If you’re to use the oil-based variety, focus on your skin only, and don’t put on any clothing. Also, make sure that you lightly rub it in for full effect.


If you’re looking fora moisturize that lasts more than six hours and still has pheromones in them then you can opt for this type. The good thing about lotions is that they are discreet.

You can always take it out of your pocket or bag and use it, and people won’t know why they are super attracted to you. Let’s not explore where you can get trusted pheromones to begin the next capture in your life.

1. True Pheromones

True Pheromones

Here we have a website that promises to turn you into who you need to be. You ought to be able to attract more men or women or have more sex, whether for the night or long term. With the pheromones you purchase off True Pheromones you should also have the ability to ignite lost love. It is also essential in getting you more attention, whether in the context of closing more deals or getting that coveted promotion.

It’s also enough to help you get lost love back or on the other hand, have that successful first date that you only see in movies. There are research and ingredients that are proven to work in the pheromones you purchase from this site. It includes androstanol that makes you naturally approachable when in the right Alpha and Beta formulations.

For men, there is androsterone that makes women feel protected and safe when they are around you. You’ll find that they are more open to you and trusting too. At high levels, this same hormone transforms you into the alpha male.

Lastly, there is androstadienone, which makes conversations with women seamless. For women, there is the pheromone known as oxytocin that is found in men’s cologne that can form a similar lasting emotional and psychological bond as they do at childbirth.

During ovulation, the copulin pheromones in both genders enhance the sexual appeal. Finally, there is methoxyestratestraenone that peer-review shows help women attract men four times as much. True Pheromones has products on these principles, creating a perfect and fitting formula for both sexes.

2. Amazon

Of course, you need a global marketplace where you can get pheromones. Amazon is one of those places. The good thing about it is that you’re offered quite the variety to choose from. What will help you make the right choice is the rating and the reviews? That is the good thing about such platforms because you’re able to get accurate information about the product before you make the purchase.

The marketing does not fool you. The other ideal thing about Amazon is that you’re able to get access to brands you otherwise would not have from a google search. There is a lot of good brands that don’t get the limelight they need because they don’t have a huge marketing budget.

The thing about these brands is they deliver. They often rely on word-of-mouth to get information about themselves out. Check out Amazon before settling for a pheromone brand you want to purchase.

3. Love-scent

This next one is also a pheromone store that sells pheromones for both women and men. They come at varying prices depending on the formula you’re going for. The love-scent purpose is to build confidence and change people’s perception of you.

It is also meant to aid you in attracting that special someone as well as improve your current relationship. With that, you have the promise that you will feel more at ease in social situations.

The website itself carries some of the best pheromones colognes, perfumes, and unscented pheromones there are on the market. They cater to both men and women, but there are products available that can work for either gender. In their store, Love-Scent has products for just about anyone.

Equally, they are always working to the next big thing when it comes to pheromone technology. Just as mentioned, with this brand, you also get a 100 percent money-back guarantee. Another aspect that you ought to know about this website is that you’re able to do surveys for them and get free samples as a thank you. One can also get a free laptop cover too.

4. Puremones

product image for Puremones

Next, we have Puremones, which is under Ascent Research Group. They have been in existence since 2006 and have sold pheromones to thousands of satisfied customers. Puremones brand is big on satisfaction because they have a full refund policy.

If the product doesn’t work for you, you just have to return the bottle within 60 days, and you get a full refund including the original shipping cost. When it comes to pricing, the company does acknowledge that their products are not cheap.

They do, however, say that they are of great value and indeed affordable for most people. In the sourcing for products, they only choose the highest purity materials.

The purity of their pheromones is always greater than 99 percent, which in the industry is the highest mark of purity. Fifteen percent of their sales get reinvested back into research and development. They also invest in new and state-of-the-art technology.

That is how Ascent can continually produce products of the highest quality and provide the purest pheromones molecules you can purchase today. Overall, PureMones are safe and effective and are lab certified. They are also discreet; their products are pocket-sized that you can carry them around and apply again on a needs basis.

The other good thing is that you can mix the pheromones with your cologne or perfume so you can keep smelling of your favorite scent and attracting the other gender. Another aspect of PureMones is they are concentrated; the small-sized bottles shouldn’t fool you.

That means you’re getting pure pheromones, not diluted versions that are typically found in big bottles. You are also assured that the formula used to get the pheromones is the best; the company admits having taken six years to get the right pheromone molecules and ratios for each formula.

5. Pheromone Advantage

This next pheromone is courtesy of Dr. Virgil Amend who is a leading pheromone expert. The website lets people know that pheromones take you to the next level when it comes to your sex life. The other good thing about pheromones is that it is discreet, so people never know what you’re wearing. The pheromones that he offers are those that arouse women’s interest by triggering that deep primal mating signal every woman has within. The marketing plug of Pheromone Advantage is that it takes your dating and sex life to the next level.

It is also targeted toward people who are dating and want to take the relationship to the next level. It could be your girlfriend, thanks to the pheromones, deciding that you’re the one she always wants to be with. Suddenly she cannot keep her hands off you. Same thing with your wife; you can reignite the passion that once was with Pheromone Advantage. There is a level of confidence that also comes with using Pheromone Advantage because you’re now aware that you can get the woman. It brings ease when it comes to talking to women, even those you’ve just met.

It opens the doors to possibilities you didn’t once have. With Dr. Amend’s formulation to attract women has a formulation of a specific group of pheromones designed to trigger a woman’s instincts with regards to attraction. It comes in lotion form that is to be applied to exposed parts of the body like the neck, wrist, forearms, and even the chest.

6. PheromoneXS

At PheromoneXS, their mission is delivering the finest pheromone blends available. This brand got established in 2011. They are pheromone enthusiasts and hobbyists who commit to offering clients what those behind the brand wear. That means that whatever your purchase, you’re wearing revolutionary pheromone blends that those in the company personally endorse.

As expected, these pheromones give an edge to men and women everywhere. People will feel their presence in the room, being the center of attention. The other good thing about it is that it doesn’t stop with your dating life. You’re also able to make friends and be confident in business or life generally. It gives you the respect you’re looking for and can influence others. PheromoneXS has a 45-day money-back guarantee as well.

Overall, the brand boasts about having personal knowledge and technology that can help you create your personal and one-of-a-kind pheromones spray. It all starts by telling them the effects you’re looking to have. If they don’t have an existing blend for you, they are more than happy to make one for you.

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