How To Approach A Girl

Approaching girls successfully are both not easy these days…

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How To Approach A Girl In A Club

Unlike out here, when it is day time and everyone is wearing their poker faces, approaching ladies in the nightclub can be a bit of a gamble. I spend numerous nights out, and even I know it is never a guarantee I’ll walk out like a boss. However, I’ve navigated the waters long enough to […]

How To Approach A Girl At Work

I remember the first time I met my girlfriend. We worked in the same company, but we were in different departments on the same floor. When I wasn’t bumping into her on the stairs, the corridors, or in the elevator, our departments would sometimes come together for a meeting. She looked so amazing; I’d always […]


How To Get Over Approach Anxiety

Approach anxiety can keep you single for years. I mean, ladies expect you to approach them – not the other way round. They also expect you to take the lead during courtship. I grew up in a homestead that was very tense. You had to be on good behavior at all times otherwise you would […]

How To Get A Girl To Leave Her Current Boyfriend For You

It is not unusual to fall in love with someone who is hitched. Maybe you have noticed how her current boyfriend treats her and you think she can do better. However, having a girl leave her current boyfriend is not easy – especially when she is head over heels over the guy. This does not […]