Best Vitamins To Gain Weight Fast (that every skinny guy should use)

by Andreas | Last Updated: August 31, 2019
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While college is fun, for me it was a traumatizing experience. I was skinny, awkward, and I would swallow my words when speaking to girls.

I spent many nights dreaming of that perfect, muscle laden body that would turn heads. There was this girl I liked in class, and I was shattered when she rejected me for my older brother. My brother, by the way, spent more time in the gym than he did with books. That experience drove the final nail on my shattered self-esteem.

Later in life, I realized that having the body you desire has a direct effect on your confidence levels. You cannot accomplish much without healthy self-esteem.

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Let’s be real here.

Even if you are super smart and have these great business ideas, you need to sell them to potential investors. To do this, you need confidence.

I was left with two choices – wallow in self-pity or take action. While I could take the easy route and pump my body with steroids – which would leave me with serious health complications – I needed something that actually works without affecting my body negatively.

After, hours of research I stumbled on vitamins that can help one gain weight fast.

I am here to share my secrets to having that perfect, muscled body that will get you on the phonebook of the girl you admire.

Top vitamins for muscle growth and weight gain

For many people, a diet is for managing their weight, but they are those who supplement their diets with vitamins as a means to increase muscles and gain weight.

1. Vitamin B

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When you have a deficiency of vitamin B-12 in your body, your appetite is suppressed. This leads to the subject suffering from diseases like pernicious anemia. Vitamin B-12 deficiency is common with vegetarians as the best sources of it are in animal proteins like steak, Greek yogurt, eggs, fatty fish and poultry.

Increase this in your diet or supplements and you will see your appetite skyrocket.

In addition to vitamin B-12, you also need to find some of these ingredients in your supplements – Vitamin B-3/niacin, B-6, B-1/thiamine, B-2/riboflavin, folate, and biotin. To gain weight fast your need proper metabolism of fat and carbs. Vitamin B is essential for this to happen.

When fat is converted into fat you are able to work out better. The confusion is that you can only find vitamin B-12 in only animal foods, but a variety of vegetables also contain the compound like nutritional yeast, fortified based milk and spreads like marmite.

2. Vitamin D

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This is vital for strong bone formation. The best part about vitamin D is that you can get for free when you venture outside and absorb the sun rays. There is also a relationship between low vitamin D levels in the body and weight gain.

Lack of vitamin D also extends to other health issues like lack of blood sugar control and obesity. If you are living in an area that has low exposure to sunlight, then you can consider getting your Vitamin D from eating egg yolks, cod liver oil, liver, fatty fish, and fortified plant-based milt products.

To get maximum bone strength, combine your vitamin D with calcium. Calcium is renowned for bone formation and preventing weight loss. In some instances, it has been shown to prevent type 2 diabetes. You can get your daily content of calcium from consuming yogurts and dairy milk before going for a workout. It is also found in dark leafy vegetables and almonds. To maximize your daily intake, have some whole wheat cereals early in the morning.

3. Iron

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Your meals should have a healthy content of iron if you are going to see significant weight gain. You need iron for bone and cell formation. Workouts utilize oxygen being pumped to the red blood cells. If you lack iron then you are going to be running out of breath after every few minutes.

When your muscles lack oxygen then they are unable to build up and regenerate. People suffering from low iron levels tend to suffer from power metabolism rates. Your best bet for getting sufficient oxygen in your body is to consume meats, green leafy vegetables, and fortified cereals.

4. Magnesium

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This is essential for attaining the right metabolic rate. It also is essential for energy production, which is critical for workouts. You will find magnesium in spinach, bananas, or salmon.

5. Creatine

This is a product that constantly features in many weight gaining supplements. The compound is produced naturally in the body but if you want to hike your levels you take supplements. The reason most bodybuilders look for it is that it promotes rapid energy production in the body. Energy is what you need when you are lifting heavyweights.

When it comes to body functions, the most basic energy cells are called Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The problem is during intensive training, ATP runs out fast. Most of the ATP is stored in the muscles – which are the most used when training. You need to take shakes loaded with creatine after a strenuous exercise to replace your used energy reserves.

Creatine has shown to increase testosterone levels in men. It also increases the number of squats and bench press done by bodybuilders. While there are various forms of creatine like creatine phosphate, many nutritionists recommend going with creatine monohydrate.

6. Caffeine

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You find this compound in your regular cup of coffee. To gain weight you need to first consume a high-calorie diet that is loaded with proteins, carbs, and fats. Supplements are great for meeting your daily calorie content but they should not be used to replace nutrients from natural foods.

When starting out you may notice that you do not have the strength to continue training. This is because your body has yet to get used to it. Caffeine will help you with exercise performance. You can take it just before a workout but avoid it before going to bed.

7. Citrulline

To gain weight and perform optimally during workouts, you need sufficient blood supply to your organs. Iron is necessary for this. Citrulline is an amino acid that is naturally produced in the body. You also find it in various foods like meats and nuts. It has been shown that men who have low levels of citrulline also suffer from erectile dysfunction.

In the cells, the body will convert L-citrulline into L-arginine. Both are amino acids. To increase blood flow citrulline promotes the production of nitric oxide.

This helps in dilating the blood vessels. It is important to search for supplements that have the chemical compound. It is the reason that people who suffer from erectile dysfunction suffer from the lack of blood flow to the genitals. Watermelons are a rich source of citrulline and you can add some in your shakes before a workout.

8. Beta-Alanine

Fatigue will cause many people in workouts to quit. It as if your body cannot take it anymore. Most people will carry with them energy drinks having sufficient quantities of beta-alanine. You can take the supplement when you are undergoing intense exercise sessions.

You have probably seen this chemical compound in almost any protein supplement. BCAAs stands for branched-chain amino acids. The compound is critical for muscle and bone formation. BCAAs are found in almost all proteins.

Most researchers agree that you do not need extra BCAAs when you are consuming enough proteins.

9. HMB

When leucine is broken down in the body it produces beta-hydroxy-methyl butyrate (HMB). After a strenuous exercise session, you need something in muscle recovery and HMB is that compound. This has made it one of the key ingredients in making bodybuilding supplements.

10. Testosterone boosters

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The male bodies will naturally produce testosterone. It is vital to have it for muscle growth. This is the key reason why men’s and women’s physiques differ so much. Bodybuilders will supplement the testosterone produced in the testes with boosters.

The boosters do not have testosterone themselves but help in its secretion. It is not conclusive how these help in weight gain but they are known to help you gain strength during workouts. Testosterone boosters will also have quantities of D-aspartic acid and fenugreek.

It is hard getting all your nutrients and calories from natural foods. This is the reason people use supplements. They enable you to reach your daily requirements with ease.

Will multivitamins help in weight gain?

The topic generates a lot of controversy among nutritionists. What you need to know is that the lack of certain vitamins will interfere with your appetite. You cannot gain weight if your bones are not growing properly. If you lack Vitamin D and calcium then you will have stagnated bone formation. If you lack appetite then consume foods with vitamin B-12.

The problem is that no one person is able to take a daily recording of their vitamin intake. This is tedious and you will often forget to take the recommended amount. Multivitamins and minerals have sufficient amounts for proper growth. You should note that the body requires over 40 essential nutrients for it to function optimally. The nutrients are responsible for cell formation, energy generation, muscle replacement, and cell division.

Top Multivitamins to try out

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1. Evolution Nutrition Vitamode

Evlution Nutrition Mens Multivitamin, VitaMode, High Performance Daily Vitamin Support (60 Servings)

It is rare to miss this multivitamin in most bodybuilding shops. Evolution Vitamode has built a solid reputation among bodybuilders for helping them meet their daily nutrition content. It comes loaded with Vitamins B6, B12, C, and D.

Each capsule will provide over 833% of your daily needs. This means you are adequately covered. Each container has 60 tablets.

2. Signature Multivitamin

Bodybuilding Signature Multivitamin Tablets Gluten Free 90 Count

It is impossible to experience proper muscle growth if you neglect your iron and calcium intake. However, excessive amounts of iron are harmful to the body. It is probably, for this reason, that signature omitted iron in the ingredient lineup.

This multivitamin supplements your vitamin intake with vitamin D, B7, and B12. Each container has 90 tablets. The multivitamins are marketed as all-natural meaning they are not laced with any synthetic ingredients.

3. MuscleTech Platinum Multivitamin

MuscleTech Advanced Daily Multivitamin for Men & Women

One of the leading companies for bodybuilding products manufactures the product. You get 90 caplets loaded with the right vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. This is enough to supplement what you take from your natural foods.

it also comes with an enzyme complex that will help you indigestion. Some of the top ingredients in the multivitamin include Vitamin A, B6, C, D, and E. Also, you get thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, folic acid, biotin, magnesium oxide among others. In the mix are also some essential amino acids like L-methionine, glycine, L-citrulline malate, L-cysteine, and L-arginine hydrochloride.

4. Mens Multi + Test Vitamin

GAT Mens Multi + Test, Premium Multivitamin and Complete Testosterone

This solid multivitamin comes enhanced with testosterone. It also has the popular virility men’s compound tribulusterritis. It is the ideal product to make athletes and bodybuilders involved in strenuous activities. Each bottle comes with 60 capsules. Some of the ingredients you will find include biotin, riboflavin, vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid), Magnesium, Vitamin A among others.

The best way to get your vitamins is from eating a well-balanced diet. If you want to increase weight fast, then increase your intake of proteins. The problem with fast methods of weight gain is that people deviate from anabolic steroids.

These steroids come with many synthetic ingredients that lead to long term kidney failure, tumors, heart complications, tumors, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. Before purchasing any supplement ensure that it comes from a reputable company and contains the ingredients needed for weight gain. Supplement marketers go to extreme lengths to overexaggerate what their products can do.


If you have been skinny all your life then it is time to take control of your body. By consuming the right amount of calories per day, you can be able to move to over 190 pounds. This will require you to combine a healthy diet with a workout plan.

For you to see the desired results you need to be consistent and dedicated in your meal plan. Make every effort not to miss meals or workout schedules. Adjust your meal plans if you are not gaining as much weight.

Andreas, the founder of CharmingMale, is an enthusiast of becoming a "charming guy" without becoming someone else. He has been an average skinny dude most of his life, yet after years of hustle, disappointments, he become a better male version of himself. He discovered that, even if you are an average guy, as long as you are willing to put in some effort of improving yourself and developing the skills, you can become a better man that people will respect and admire!